A young Michigan gal's journey to lose the final 25 pounds.
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Lately a lot of people have started to notice my weight loss. Over the last 6 years, I’ve dropped almost 80 pounds, almost 60 of those since February 2013. 

So, what’s different now? Why did no one notice when I dropped 20 pounds over 5 weeks last February? As I slowly worked down from a size 16 to now a 6?

The psychology of weight loss is most interesting to me. I wish I saw myself through the eyes of someone else. I always think about my true goal as being able to love what I see in the mirror, or see myself the way my fiancé sees me. He tells me I’m beautiful everyday. He told me it everyday before I started losing weight, before I even ever considered REALLY putting in the effort. 

Being with Ron makes me want to be the best version of myself, I guess. When I realized I wanted to marry him, I realized I wanted to look great at our wedding, and that’s when I really got serious about my weight loss. He has been beside me, encouraging me, exercising with me, cooking and eating healthy meals the whole way. I’m thankful for his support, but why can’t I see myself through his eyes?

I love hearing the remarks from people I haven’t seen in a little while. It’s encouraging. I still don’t see it.

However, my future mother-in-law makes a lot of comments about how I’ve gotten “too thin.” It kills me. Too thin? I still am not at a “healthy” weight for my height. I have lost all of my weight by managing my portions and adding exercise, and there is NOTHING “too thin” about me or my weight. I have a BMI of 25.1 which is medically “overweight.” I don’t feel fat really my any means, but I still carry a lot of excess weight in my stomach and thighs. I’m only looking to lose 15-ish more pounds - it would put me in the more middle-range of a healthy BMI. 

Anyway, rant over. Just feelings.

Here’s a photo of my in my new (size 4) dress! It’s a little tight, but I love it anyway. It’s fitted in the waist and flairs out just a bit over the stomach (which is ideal for me, ha). My friend Maggie is promoting #horizontalstripes #healthybodyimage, so here ya go!

Trail walk

I coordinated a long trail walk with some friends and all our dogs last night - it was great!

We went to Hawk Meadow Park, where there are ample trails, nature, ponds, and bridges to explore. It was a balmy 80 degrees, but we enjoyed the first “nice” day.

Here’s Mira (one of my two dogs). Isn’t she adorable?

Anyway, what weight loss has taught me the past 15 months is that it’s all about small changes. Two years ago I wouldn’t be giddy planning a 5K Thursday night walk with my dogs & some friends. I’d be at home on the couch snacking (something I still love, don’t get me wrong). Activity has become a fun and exciting piece of my life, and I hope it just gets better.

Back at it! NROLFW

After taking a week off from lifting, due to busyness in the garden, etc. I was back at it tonight.

Deadlifts (3x10)
Set 1: 120 pounds
Set 2: 120 pounds
Set 3: 110 pounds
It felt awesome to be lifting this heavy! After the second set, I was feeling a pulling in one of my lower back muscles, so that’s why I went down to 110 for the last set. Injury isn’t worth it!! Feeling good today, sore in my shoulder, but good.

Overhead press (3x10) @ 50 pounds
These are still a struggle for me. Slowly adding weight as the reps decrease with this program.

Wide grip lateral pull down (3x10) @ 70 pounds
Starting to enjoy these more, actually. They make me feel strong.

Lunges (3x10) @ 50 pounds
I find walking lunges to be easier for me to accomplish, even though there isn’t a ton of room for it in the gym. I think I’ll increase to 60 pounds for my next workout.

Swiss ball crunches (3x12) @ BW
I’m not 100% sure I have the proper form for these yet. Any tips?

About a half hour, 231 calories burned :)

Busy gardening

We’ve been so busy in the garden it feels like a lifetime since I’ve lifted.

We finally got the remainder of the fence up, and planted some of the “cold-weather” plants (berries, peas, onions). We still need to plant the broccoli and lettuce.

I did go to my Zumba Toning class last night - it was much needed (420 calories burned).

No loss for me today on the scale, though. Trying not to beat myself up about it. I definitely didn’t have a ton of time to exercise (other than working out in the garden - that stuff is TOUGH work). I will have a better week next week.

Happy Friday :)